United in Solidarity | 25th Anniversary

February 17-19 in Chicago

Workshop Session 8

Sunday 19, 9:10 am - Sunday 19, 10:10 am

Room 301: Intersectionality in Elementary Classrooms

Room 302: Cripping' Queer: Disability Advocacy in Queer Spaces

Room 304: That's So Metronormative!: Strategies for Supporting Queer Rural Youth

Room 305/306: Featured Voice: Pidgeon Pagonis

Room 307/308: It happens to us too: Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence in the Queer Community

Room 309/310: Out & Proud in the Hiring Process

Room 311: Queering Femininity: Femme History, Identity, and Erasure

Room 313: Keeping Yourself Safe Online: Online Privacy Basics

Room 314: Trans Women in Videogames

Room 315: Sex, Sexuality, and Sport

Room 316: POC Community Space

Room 317: Bending Desire: Non-Binary Attraction and the Politic of Partnering 

Room 318/319: Recovery Meeting

*Identity Forums are spaces where people identifying as the identity listed may gather, and by group conscience, discuss issues facing their specific communities and/or provide a specific healing space for one another. Moderators will be present for each Forum. Since we recognize that folks hold more than one identity simultaneously, we have dispersed the Forums throughout the workshop times, instead of a singular time- we recognize there will still be conflicts for attendees, for that we apologize.

**Adviser Track Sessions are an hour and a half long (a half hour longer) than regular workshops or forums. They will also have 20 minute breaks instead of the traditional 10 minute breaks between each session.

***The People of Color Community Space will be an unstructured POC-exclusive space that will be open during any workshop/forum/caucus from 1:00pm on Saturday throughout the rest of the conference for attendees.